Dubrovnik in a day – 5 top things to do

Find the best view of Dubrovnik Old Town, island hop for a lagoon swim, wander the side streets and discover a cliff face bar …….. all in a day.

Birdseye view of Dubrovnik

Lady Pi-Pi is a tiny restaurant in Dubrovnik Old Town with beautiful panoramic views of the city’s terracotta tiled roofs. The streets in Dubrovnik Old Town are tiered, like a theatre, with steep stairs leading back down to the main square. Lady Pi-Pi is on one of the top levels farthest away from the sea.

Dubrovnik old town

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Lady Pi-Pi has a great reputation and gets super busy from around 5pm (we attempted dinner, but decided to go back for breakfast instead because of the long wait – the food smelled amazing though so no wonder people were queing). There was no wait at breakfast and the coffee and pancakes were spot on. Outside the entrance, there’s a little rude statue that demonstrates the restaurant name. The staff in the restaurant all know the story behind it, so I won’t spoil it for you. Here’s a link to Lady Pi-Pi on TripAdvisor so you know where to go.

Dubrovnik old town

Lokrum island hop

You know you’ve been to Croatia when your trip includes about 40 different boat rides! This one is short though, at only 10 minutes, and a very welcome break in the stifling summer heat. Dubrovnik is stunning but it’s very much a city break with no real beaches. If you feel like swimming in the sea or cooling off a little, catch the boat taxi from Dubrovnik pier to the nature reserve on Lokrum Island. The boat trip and island hop cost next to nothing and has stunning, Kings Landing style, views of the Old Town as you leave towards the island. The island has lots of places to swim and sunbathe with a small restaurant and bar, a maze and loads of random animals. Here’s one of the diving pools on the island (from my snap chat excuse the rainbow).

Lokrum Island Dubrovnik Croatia

Wander the side streets

Avoid the pricey restaurants and bars in the square and take a walk up a few of the side streets. The bars and restaurants off the central square are much cheaper, more authentic and just as delicious. Take comfy shoes because there are a lot of steps and in June, when we were there, the sun was splitting the pavement at around 36 degrees centigrade mid-afternoon. Sure, the Old Town square is stunning with swallows flying everywhere and looking very Game of Thrones like, but some of the shops are a little gimmicky, cashing in on the Game of Thrones legacy.


Dubrovnik square

Hidden bar in the cliffs of Old Town

We stumbled upon this by accident because we heard good music whilst walking around the Old Town, ancient city walls. We decided to chance it, and let ourselves in through the shut gate and door – Lara Croft Tomb Raider style.

Luckily, we weren’t trespassing and actually, it was one of the best finds of the holiday. The sea is all you can see for as far as you can see! Pretty stunning. You would never find this place if you didn’t know it was there, or decide to potentially break-in through someone’s front door like us. #livetoexplore!

secret bar dubrovnik

The bar is nestled into the side of the cliff face, with a sheer drop down into the ocean. There is a small platform where you can sit and the bar serves three types of drinks; local beer, local wine or Bacardi Breezers – complete blast from the past. We had wine and it was lush – the wine in Croatia is excellent. I’ve pointed out in bright blue roughly where to find the entrance to the bar through the ancient wall. If you’re on the right path, you’ll hear music and suss it out.

map of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Old Town by air

The cable car ride is outside the old city walls to the left-hand side if you are facing the sea. We didn’t find this until our last evening and unfortunately missed the last car but had we known it was there, would have definitely done it. The views of the city from here would have been stunning.

If you like the secret cliff bar find, check out this beach club on the island of Hvar, around a 90 minute boat ride from Dubrovnik.


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