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Welcome to the party travel blog that will give you festival guides, club night reviews, the best party and quirky music venues from around the world. After all that expect tips on where the best places to stay are, do’s and don’ts of travel and how to keep yourself de-stressed and happy with where to find great music, dancing, resting, training, eating and sleeping. Think eat, sleep, rave, repeat with some recharging before heading back to the 9-5 grind.

What to expect from Travel. Dance. Detox.

  • The travel bit – travel do’s and don’ts (I’ve made a few faux pas in my time!), cool stuff off the beaten track and how to’s like saving money on things, finding the best hostels/hotels, what apps are good for travelling
  • The dance bit (and arguably the best) – festival and club night reviews, Ibiza generally, party and cool music venues, house and techno
  • The detox bit – getting happy and healthy, de-stress and de-clutter your head and life, spas and retreats, training on the move and healthy food

Who am I and why did I decide to start blogging?

Music addict, travel enthusiast and former Head of Marketing for a tech company in Scotland……….I DJ in my spare time and gave up my very comfortable and very well paid job to go live my dream as a music and travel writer. Probably one of the bravest things I’ve ever done. But money can’t buy happiness, you only get one life, and at the end of it you’re not going to look back and think “[email protected] I wish I’d spent more time in the office”. So I’ve launched myself head-first into uncertainty.

I’ve learned a lot about communication through my career so far and I hope that you find my blogs useful, if not entertaining. A very successful guy once told me that people come to the internet for two reasons. 1 – to learn or 2 – to be entertained. So that’s what I’m going to try and do. Here’s a snap shot into my story…..

Media, Culture and Society. ‘What the hell??’ most people ask. That was my degree, and it changed my outlook on life. I looked at the world differently after what I learned. We were taught how to analyse the representation of class, race, gender and stereotypes in the mass media and film as well as political propaganda and it’s impact on society. We looked at the economic systems in the world (mainly western capitalism) and how that influences the media. Then, in turn, how the media influences people, and in some cases, their actions.

It was a massive eye-opener for everyone on the course, and everyone that’s completed it since I’m sure. Since then I try to avoid the news (because let’s face it, its just depressing) and stay away from crappy magazines on celebrity culture that encourage people to be mean to other. You know the ones that call people out for not looking like super models and chat shit that isn’t even true. Ewwww. Get those things out your life!

What I do like about the media is that social media and other platforms like blogging give people independent information and a way to talk back. So people can educate themselves and respond, rather than being force-fed things all the time. The internet gives choice on what we want to consume, and what we don’t, as well as a voice to everyone who has access……(which is still far less than half the world’s population).Katie from Scotland

After my degree, I wanted to make a difference, so started out my career as a journalist (published in the Scotsman). I quickly realised that I couldn’t fix the world on my own and that newspapers weren’t going to be around forever, so moved into an industry I felt was progressive: technology. I love technology, it drives change and makes the impossible, possible.

My passions in life are music and travel. So, from technology -> traveling to find techno. These are my stories.

Me in bullet points

  • DJ in training – music is life
  • Make a difference and the most of the time you have
  • Get a grip and don’t worry about things that don’t matter
  • Dance like no one’s watching
  • See as much as you can while you can
  • Look after your body and mind
  • If you have a brain, use it, it’s cool to be smart

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