Bangkok in 24 hours – how to love this city

Bangkok gets a bad wrap. You either love or hate this city. We loved it because we managed to beat the bustle and mental crowds by staying in the right place and finding hidden oasis’s throughout the city. This blog shows you how to do Bangkok in 24 hours and leave loving it.

Bangkok airport hotels

These are the best places to stay. They are all competitively priced, clean and relaxed. Most people use Bangkok as a 24-48 hour stop over destination on their travels and the airport hotels are super handy for this type of stay. Staying outside the city has major advantages: all the airport hotels have pools to sunbathe and relax around, plus it’s simple to travel into the heart of Bangkok. Here are some pictures of our hotel:

Bangkok airport hotel pool

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport hotel

Get the train into Bangkok centre

The city train runs directly from the airport subway station into the city and back again. The subway is clearly sign posted, easy to use and cheap. The train journey from the airport into the city is 20 minutes and you can see some cool things on the way as the majority of the ride is above ground. The trains run 24 hours and very frequently. We managed to navigate the train routes easily and there are lots of transport workers to help you if you get stuck. The queuing system to get on and off the trains is the most efficient thing I have ever seen!

Nana Plaza is a good area to start exploring in. Mental, but gives you a vibe for the city and the recommended areas below are in walking distance.

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Rooftop bars in Bangkok

Once you’re in the city, a rooftop bar is a great way to find peace from the assault on your senses that is Bangkok. The city is one of a kind, crazy and mental in a good way, but after a couple of hours can get a bit much. There is the famous sky bar that everyone knows from the hangover but this can be super busy and you’ll struggle to get a table or drink. An alternative rooftop bar with great views, nice housey beats, and lush cocktails is Nest. Here’s the view of city you get from the bar:

View of Bangkok from rooftop bar

Nest is easy to find if you google map it, it’s in the Khlong Toei Nuea area. It looks a bit like a car park from the outside when you arrive, but finding the lift near the entrance is easy. Go to the top floor and you’ll soon feel like you’re in the right place. If you’re coming here direct from the train, get off at the Makkasan stop.

He’s going to kill me for using this photo but I only use my owns photos on the site and we didn’t get many of the bar. There are good pictures of the bar and directions on Nest’s Facebook page –  here’s a link, Facebook page.

Rooftop bar Bangkok

Bangkok restaurants

Once you start exploring the city, you discover loads of hidden gems. We found this garden restaurant in the Vadhana Khlong Tan Nuea area. It gives you an idea of what the area has to offer. All the food here is good. I’ve tried to find a link to this place online after forgetting its name and haven’t had much luck – sorry.


Bangkok restaurant

If you are going onwards to Koh Samui or Koh Phangan, check out where to find the best beach bars here. Or, if you’re lucky enough to be in Thailand for New Year, this blog tells you how to find a secret party in the heart of the jungle that plays house and techno.

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