Where to relax and detox in Ibiza

The ultimate infinity pool experience with some of the most stunning views on the island.

There’s more to Ibiza than clubbing

Over the last year I’ve noticed Ibiza’s marketing has evolved, giving a more all-round picture of the island rather than the clubbing scene alone. Ibiza’s music experiences are legend and like nowhere else on earth, but it’s nice to see what else the island has to offer. Maybe the shift in marketing helps include the last generation of clubbers who now want something more relaxed or to attract a wider tourist trade? Regardless, it’s good news for everyone because there are some amazing hidden gems waiting to be discovered. For example, this summer I’m dong a trip to the Es Vedra in Ibiza and it’s surrounding area that has some really quirky finds like a hippy cave – I can’t wait. This short blog shares a retreat I found a few years ago, Hotel Hacienda. It’s the dream way to finish off any Ibiza holiday.

Luxury detox at Hotel Hacienda

Hotel Hacienda is North West of the island and around a 45 minute taxi from the airport. It’s 100% worth the trip with stunning views out into the ocean, infinity pools, a spa and gorgeous pool side areas where you can chill out. The food is super healthy and gives your immune system a well needed kick. The staff are friendly and helpful. I’m going to let my pictures do the talking…….

Infinity cascadas at Hotel Hacienda, Ibiza

Infinity cascadas at Hotel Hacienda, Ibiza

We opted for the cascadas day experience package which I thought definitely worth the money. When we went it was 130 euros each and you got full access to the spa, the cascadas, a 30 minute massage each and some health snacks and drinks. Make the most of stunning hotel pool and chill out areas whilst you’re there.

Hotel Hacienda, Ibiza

The cascadas were beautiful. There were a number of different mini pools, each with their own mineral property or health benefit and you move from one to other until you’re back at the start. The experience lasted about an hour and we had the place to ourselves. Hacienda is a real treat and a great way to relax and recover from the party before heading home. If you want to compare hotels and book, Ibiza Spotlight is the best online resource.

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