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The island of Hvar is known for being a party island but if you want some chill time there’s plenty of both. It was the perfect end to our Hideout Festival and Croatia adventure. We discovered a secret island with the most amazing beach bar and seafood restaurant just 15 minutes on a boat from Hvar. This post shares how to find it as well as what Hvar has to offer. These pictures give you idea, it’s stunning.

First class beach bar and dining in Hvar

Laganini’s ‘lounge bar and fish house’ is seriously not to be missed. The open-air, Flinstone style, fish restaurant and bar is on a tiny island about 15 minutes from Hvar in a boat taxi.

The bar is next to the water and set up with comfy beds and loungers for the day with a super cute, marina facing restaurant for evening dining. At night it’s romantic with twinkly lights and everything is made form wood. In the day, Laganini’s is like a far less commercialised and much more exclusive version of Ocean Beach club. Although, I feel that does Laganini’s an injustice, but it’s the only widely recognised comparison I can think of.

Although the restaurant is practically open air, it has a real cosy feel to it. The menu is 100% fish or seafood with the odd veggie option, so if you don’t like fish……just go for the wine! Oh wow, the wine in Croatia by the way! It’s amazing, and you would be crazy not to try the super fresh catch-of-the-days, the fish and seafood we had was the up there with the all time best. Laganini’s is a really special and exclusive experience.

Star treatment

The team at Laganini’s are absolute hospitality pros and make you feel like an important customer, and welcome. They practically roll out a red carpet and are genuinely grateful that you chose to dine with them. The wait staff’s knowledge of the menu and wine was impressive, and interesting actually because some of the recipes were traditional.

If you base your choices on the waiter recommendation, that’s definitely the right choice. We were persuaded to try oysters, which were interesting, I don’t get what the fuss is about. If you like trying local dishes, we shared the ‘seafood gregada’, a traditional Croatian dish that tasted out of this world. You can view the full menu here.

Below is the little Laganini taxi boat that takes you there, the view of Hvar from the boat on the way, and a shot from our table facing out on the tiny marina.

The other cool thing about this place is that there are only 40 people who live on the tiny island and they all work in one of the restaurants round the marina shore. Our waiter told us that the community live in little cabins in the woods….slightly creepy…..but really cute at the same time.

Private boat chauffeur

The Laganini taxi boat is free for anyone traveling to and from the beach bar and restaurant. It sits at the entrance to the Hvar marina and has the name on the side of the boat. Pick ups are pretty laid back – find the boat and driver, set a day and time to get picked up, (there’s no ticket or anything), then turn up.

I can’t remember the name of our driver but he was a total legend. He let us drive the boat for a while because we had it to ourselves, except for one random guy from the ‘white party’ happening in Hvar town that night. He jumped in the boat with us, just for the fun of it and was going to head back to Hvar once we had been dropped off. A little bit weird, but hey.

Once you’re finished eating and drinking, the boat takes you back to Hvar marina and the journey home is stunning. If you’ve never seen the night sky from out at sea, you should add this to your bucket list. The lack of artificial light makes the stars practically explode in the sky, they ‘re so bright. It was beautiful and an all round amazing last night in Hvar.

Things to do in Hvar

Hvar island is small and most of it’s town is located around the marina. The marina had the most impressive collection of boats and yachts I’ve ever seen. There are lots of things to do on Hvar like;

  • Explore vintage town streets
  • Sunbathe along the island’s coast
  • Eat in some of the uber cool and healthy beach bars
  • Or if you’re feeling really adventurous, climb to the top of the caste like we did for the most amazing view……..
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