Where to watch the Ibiza sunset (an alternative to Cafe Mambo)

When the sun starts to disappear and a DJ is playing an anthemic tune that reminds you of why you fell in love with dance music in the first place, in perfect time to the fading light, the atmosphere is pretty magical. Watching the Ibiza sunset is something everyone should do at least once in their life. I’m not over exaggerating here either.  Anyone who has been to Ibiza will tell you how everyone comes together for those minutes of unity when all silent, focused on the same thing as the sun disappears into the ocean.

That’s what Ibiza does, and that’s what house music does; inspires togetherness. And that’s why I love them both. This blog talks about a unique and memorable alternative to Cafe Mambo, for next time you watch the sun set on the White Isle: Kumharas Beach Sunset Bar.

Kumharas Beach Sunset Bar and Restaurant

You can’t compare Kumharas and Cafe Mambo because they are both so different, but equally as good. If you like to try new things and find hidden gems, then this place will be right up your street.

As soon as you arrive at Kumharas you can see and feel that this place has something special. Built round an old defense tower, the bar and restaurant are super chilled with rustic furniture and colourful decorations hanging from the wooden beams that cover part of the lounge terrace. The terrace meets the sand on the beach and feels relaxed, welcoming and close to nature.

The sun set here is stunning and you can see all around San Antonio Bay. The view and sunset alone are worth making a visit here. The sun sets around 8.30pm so I’d advise going a little earlier to grab a drink and enjoy the build up. (As always, all pictures and videos are my own).

The music and atmosphere

The vibe at Kumharas has a welcoming hippy influence, and feels much more personal than other sunset bars in San Antonio. San Antonio is the side of the island that you can see the sun set…..for the sun rise, go to Playa D’en Bossa or Ibiza Town. It’s equally as impressive and special way to end any night of dancing.

There are also small hippy markets at Kumharas that sell beautiful hand made jewellery – I’m a sucker for a hippy market and usually come home with enough anklets to make a knee high sock. Last year was the best though, I bought two giant – and I mean giant – hippy canvass rug like things that I thought were the best buy since Spotify Premium. They haven’t been out the cupboard since I unpacked and nearly cost me an extra baggage allowance on the plane home. Maybe I’ll take them later this year to lie on the beach with…..

There’s a great mix of cultures and ages at Kumharas, which makes it special. The music is also very diverse, you can check their website or Instagram for listings, they have everything from DJ’s to salsa dancing and on the night we were there, break dancers – who were excellent! They have a great Instagram page or visit Ibiza Spotlight for more information and reviews.

The night we went, it was pretty chilled out, so if you want to go mental early doors, this probably isn’t the place you’re looking for – but Kumharas is definitely a great warm up spot for any night out.

How to get to San Antonio Bay

Kumharas is near San Antonio Bay. If you come from Playa D’en Bossa or Ibiza Town, it takes around 15-20 minutes in a taxi and shouldn’t cost more than 30 euros. If you’re heading over from San Antonio, it will only take around 10-15 minutes. Taxis in Ibiza are usually everywhere…… except after Kumharas apparently.

We walked for what seemed like miles before we managed to spot and flag a cab. It would have been better to ask the team at Kumharas to phone a taxi for us, so if you go, that’s probably the best option for getting home or to the next place.

How much money to bring

Not as much as you’d think! Kumharas is relatively cheap compared to the majority of bars in Ibiza. You have to practically remortgage your house to get a round of drinks in some of the more swanky cocktail bars on the island so it’s always worth checking out prices online before you decide on a place to drink for the night.

We had a selection of cocktails, which were all good, and cost around 8-10 euros each. I would recommend the strawberry mojito’s – oh my days! Table service is free and there’s no gratuity added – the staff are excellent so do remember to add something extra on for them at the end.

Kumharas is also open in the day for lunch, drinks and dinner and if you were eating you’d obviously need more cash. Generally, it’s a great price. It would be lovely in the day – a peaceful place to chill and recharge for the next night ahead. Whatever your plans, an Ibiza sunset should definitely feature high on the list.

Where to party in Ibiza after Kumharas

If you like the sound of Kumharas then you’ll love Pacha in Ibiza town. It’s one of the prettiest night clubs I’ve been to and has Mediterranean mosaic tiles everywhere. Kumharas starts to wind down about midnight – the perfect time to start heading to the next party ?.

If you like to party, check out my blog on where to find the best house music and parties in Thailand.

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