Vietnam party island Phu Quoc

Vietnam’s Party Island – Phu Quoc

The island of Phu Quoc is a little out the way but 100% worth the travel, it’s stunning! If you like a good night out you’ll love it here too. The cute beach bars and white sand shores make this island a slice of paradise and favourite with backpackers. Two must-go places are Rory’s Beach Bar and Q-Hao Skybar and Hostel.

Vietnam Phu Quoc island

Bangkok airport hotel pool

Bangkok in 24 hours – how to love this city

Bangkok gets a bad wrap. You either love or hate this city. We loved it because we managed to beat the bustle and mental crowds by staying in the right place and finding hidden oasis’s throughout the city. This blog shows you how to do Bangkok in 24 hours and leave loving it.