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Bangkok in 24 hours – how to love this city

Bangkok gets a bad wrap. You either love or hate this city. We loved it because we managed to beat the bustle and mental crowds by staying in the right place and finding hidden oasis’s throughout the city. This blog shows you how to do Bangkok in 24 hours and leave loving it.

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The Best Beach Bars in Koh Phangan

South Koh Phangan, from Ban Tai to Haad Rin, the beach is lined with laid-back reggae beat bars and chilled yoga cafes. They all serve healthy Thai classics, smoothies, great coffee and local alcohol.

One of our favourite finds was Two Rocks. A tree house-style bar built around a massive oak trunk that extends out over the water. I loved it because you could jump in and out the water as you pleased and the staff are super friendly. You can do whatever you like here, everyone is content in their own slice of paradise.

Eden in Thailand

New Year in Thailand – Koh Phangan’s best kept secret

Have you ever caught a tiny speed boat home on New Years morning after your New Years Eve celebrations? I’m not talking about the Full Moon Party – and actually would encourage you to try something a little more undiscovered. This blog gives you an alternative party destination for bringing in the New Year in Thailand – the best New Year I’ve ever had.