Vietnam party island Phu Quoc

Vietnam’s Party Island – Phu Quoc

The island of Phu Quoc is a little out the way but 100% worth the travel, it’s stunning! If you like a good night out you’ll love it here too. The cute beach bars and white sand shores make this island a slice of paradise and favourite with backpackers. Two must-go places are Rory’s Beach Bar and Q-Hao Skybar and Hostel.

Vietnam Phu Quoc island

Ho Chi Minh Saigon air 360 rooftop lounge bar

Rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh – a backpacker’s guide

There are over 4 million scooters in Ho Chi Minh, previously known as Saigon. You dice with death when you cross the road and once you step out, go for it. Don’t look back. Don’t step back. Keep weaving forward between the tiny gaps. Otherwise, you’re a goner. This city is another level of crazy busy, even busier than Bangkok I’d say. But, don’t let that put you off! The atmosphere here is buzzing, the people are friendly and once in the city centre, it’s easy to find your way around. A rooftop bar is the best way to see the stunning, neon electric skyline of financial towers and high-rise business blocks. My travel buddy Stacy and I were here for two nights and this our backpackers guide to rooftop life.

Saigon rooftop bar view