Vietnam’s Party Island – Phu Quoc

The island of Phu Quoc is a little out the way but 100% worth the travel, it’s stunning! If you like a good night out you’ll love it here too. The cute beach bars and white sand shores make this island a slice of paradise and favourite with backpackers. Two must-go places are Rory’s Beach Bar and Q-Hao Skybar and Hostel.

Vietnam Phu Quoc island

Rory’s Beach Bar, Phu Quoc Island

This place is an absolute must if you’re on the island! Owned by Ozzie Rory and his wife Yoon, Rory’s Bar is on Long Beach at the opposite end to the town centre and is the perfect sunset spot.

If you buy lunch here, sun loungers are free all day and the food is ace. The music is a mix of chilled house and soul, the perfect sound track for a chilled day at the beach. Come 4pm the seats on the beach and sun deck start to fill up as everyone gathers from up and down the beach to watch the sun set together.

Rory's Bar Phu Quoc

sunset phu quoc vietnam

Drinking continues into the night and after the sun goes down the fire is lit. We had the best time here and you will meet lots of backpackers and holiday’ers to pal about with. You will be well looked after, pop Rory’s near the top of your list for Phu Quoc.

Beach Bar island Phu Quoc Vietnam

Q-Hao Sky Bar and Hostel

A five minute walk from Rory’s and Long Beach, this hostel is in a great location and actually more like a hotel, it’s super nice and for the money it’s amazing value.

q hao hostel phu quoc vietnam

We had a private twin room with en-suite that worked out at £8.50 a night and the room was lush. The taps were styled like bamboo and the shower was a waterfall head and powerful. In the room there are little free extras like toothbrush and you can also get pizza delivered which made the place an instant hit with my friend and travel buddy Stacy.

You probably don’t want to eat here if it’s local food you’re after, we tried a few different local dishes and they weren’t good, but the American stuff is good (fries and burgers). The fries were actually another level of yummy, get them.

The rooftop bar here is rated as the best on the island on trip advisor and the drinks are absolutely cracking. Their gin flavours are so good, they go down like juice…. maybe not a good thing ha.
It was Halloween when we were there and the staff went all out to put on a great Halloween mask party.

This hostel has a partner hostel too called House 1 in the centre of town and they do Karaoke if that’s your thing.

We met the nicest people in Q-Hao hostel who we’ve kept in touch with to follow their travel journey and the locals here are just are nice.

How to get to Phu Quoc

You can either bus and ferry or fly. After talking to some people who took the bus and ferry option, I’d definitely recommend flying. Our flights were about £70 return with baggage and takes 45 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City.

Warning though – internal flights have a habit of being delayed, so if you’re connecting make sure you give yourself enough time. On the way back to Ho Chi Minh, we were delayed for over an hour. You also need to get your bags and re-check in for all internal flights. This doesn’t take long though, maybe an hour.

Phu Quoc is a slice of paradise and completely worth the time and money. If you’re flying from Ho Chi Minh you might want to check out where to find the best rooftop bars in the city to escape the hustle and bustle for a while.

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